Pin of the Week: Peanut Butter Marshmallow Cookies

I alllmost didn't get a picture of this one, we ate them too fast! In the realm of easy-to-make cookies, this is perhaps the easiest there is to make, or darn close. Simply peanut butter, sugar, vanilla, egg, baking powder - with different "toppings" you can add it to create lots of variations! I went with the marshmallow add-in and some sea salt sprinkled on top. I pinned this recipe a long time ago (and I think Jen even made it once and told me it was really good), but when I had a gluten-free friend come over for coffee I needed a flourless treat, and this fit the bill! Simply mix the ingredients together (didn't even need my KitchenAid for this one), then add in the marshmallow and lightly mix - so you see swirls - stamp, sprinkle, bake. It only made about 20 cookies, which I don't mind (so that I won't eat too many, and so baking time is shorter). I reeeaallyy like this recipe, the cookies are soft and chewy, the salt gives them a nice little kick and I just LOVE the marshmallow - there's also a variation where you put in Nutella instead, that will definitely be on my list of to-bakes! Here's the link!

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