Cousins & Cookies

Oh man - I'm finally getting back into the swing of being home, almost. Between VBS and family around - I've just now finished all the laundry from last week, got the house cleaned, and squeezed in my first workout in two weeks (note to self: never again go two weeks without a workout, bad, bad idea). In the midst of all this busyness we got to keep Denali and Dylan for the night - we ordered $5.55 pizzas (best Pizza Hut deal EVER!) and made monster cookies/ice cream sandwiches for desserts. The kids enjoyed playing in the backyard for a while and the Disneyland Kinect game later on. In between was when Denali and I worked on cookies - I had pinned one from Pinterest, but the one I used is a recipe I got from Heidi, and it's a strange looking one, but boy do they come out just right! We've really enjoyed having this kids around - wish we weren't so far apart!

See food!
Of course these are swords, not hockey sticks.
My beautiful niece.
Shh, they're sleeping.
Now they can really stretch out for their nap.
It was a cat-nap apparently.
monster-sized monster cookies

mini-sized ice-cream sandwiches
And the kids who enjoyed them :)

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