Scenes from a Target

Yeh - we spend a lot of time at Target it seems like, and with Frappuccino Happy Hour being  last week, we may have gone a little more than normal ;) My kids are used to it - we talk all the way through the store, about different things we see, or things we might need/not need, Liam likes it because he gets to look at cars, sometimes they get to share some popcorn (or a cream frappuccino if they're half off!), Lina likes to just chew on the random things I put in the cart. So, when I looked at my camera roll on the old iPhone I found quite a few pics from Target and posted them to my Instagram... and now the originals here!

 Honestly though, Target is a bit rough on the wallet - there are too many cute clothes, just inexpensive enough that I feel I can buy all of them, as well as shoes, accessories, cosmetics, decor items, kitchen things, etc. etc etc. My goal is to try and stay away during the week - but I already went today for eggs on the way home. Then spent $25 more dollars *sigh*. But at least I'm getting quality kid time!
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