Bath time & Curls

Looking through old pictures of Liam I noticed how many bath time pictures I have of him, and how very few I have of Carolina... not sure why, but thought I should play catch-up anyway :) Girl looooves her bath - yes, she had put banana into her hair on purpose, and had to have a bath. She even asks for me to wash her hair.

Look how long her hair is!
And after the bath, that long hair turns into the prettiest little curls - I love them so-so-so-so-soooo x infinity much.

 They always fall out quite a bit by the morning, but I still think they are precious, and I can't wait to see what they turn into the older she gets. Oh, and notice something wrong here? Oh yeh, after she was done with the bath - dried and dressed - guess who hopped back in like ain't no thang! Mmhmmm... this one, I tell ya... she's trouble. But, what's the first thing I do after my jaw drops? Ask "where's your phone" so we can tell her to say cheese and smile for the camera. You don't think we're promoting this kind of behavior, do you?

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