Arctic Arte Party Reunion!

So Liam's beloved "Kaffy"  moved onto bigger things when the Artes bought an Arctic Circle - thus Liam goes to Miss Laurie for daycare. He's made lots of little friends at Miss Laurie's this year, but he hasn't every forgotten Kathy and the Artes. Last week Kristin (and Claire & Kate) proposed a playdate at the Arctic Circle for half price kids meals and ice cream. Sold!
 Besides all the little kids, the Arte kids all showed up, Kathy & Joe treated, and it was a real Arte Party Reunion!

Both my kids have a pretty serious sweet tooth, but this was Carolina's first ice cream cone, and she took it very seriously. Thanks Kathy! We're looking forward to more Artic (Arte?) Circle playdates this summer!

But then she was enamored with the baby. She really loved talking to him, rocking him, and checking his feet.

I think my baby wants a baby - she'll have to settle with visits to Cole I think ;)


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