Soccer "Playing"

Well, like I said earlier - I guess Liam's not a baby anymore when he's playing team sports :'(  
I was feeling a little guilty that we hadn't put him in any classes or activities yet (but really, he doesn't need swim lessons, and I was pretty sure he would not cooperate at gymnastics). But, this spring Liam and his buddies are all 4, which puts them at the age to begin soccer. Our friend, Coe Michaelson, who is NNU's men's soccer coach, among other things - volunteered to coach one of the U4 teams for the Nampa kids soccer, that his son Luke would be on, and asked Todd to help - so of course we set Liam up for it as well. They had a couple of practices before games started, and Liam struggled a little - following directions isn't his strong suit, neither is not-getting-his-way - although that's not really a surprise on a 4-year old soccer team. There are only 4 players on the team in all, and Liam and Luke are really the only two that play. Luke is practically pro - as you could imagine - and Liam's not half bad. Of his first game, I missed 25 of the 30 minute game and felt pretty awful about it. But I made up for it at his second one, getting there early for pictures, and sitting through the torturous weather. Although the week around Easter we had gorgeous warm weather, it's been back in the 50s & 60s and super yucky lately. Yesterday was particulary windy and cold - so cold that Liam refused to play and stood on the field crying for the first half of the game. He finally got into it at halftime when he was tricked into running and realized he could warm up. But then the other team had melt-downs and had to forfeit ;) What are ya gonna do? They're 4! Here are a few not great pictures from my phone - hopefully one these next Saturdays I'll remember to grab my nice camera in the rush out the door. 

 And here are the staged shots of number 48:

 I like the tongue-sticking out.
That means he's concentrating.  ;-P

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