Mischief Managed

Oh, she's my little troublemaker alright. I'm out the room for two seconds and she's up trying to play "puter" after I said no to the "hi-pad" and "hi-phone". 

Here are a couple of videos of Lina - I don't make videos very often, so it's a random assortment. I still mean to do an 18 month post (yep she's been 1 1/2, for a couple of weeks now!), but since I'm not exactly sure when that will happen :) I figure I'll go ahead and share these now...

Letting loose at the hotel in SLC after a long day in the stroller: "I run"
Looking at giraffes at the zoo: "funny giraffe" she says
Singing the "clean up" song after her bath, and then "no keen up" (with banana still stuck on her forehead, which means, she's right, bath isn't really over):
You can hear her saying her name "Care-wina" and "hi-pad" among other things, she so good at navigating the ipad:
This is a funny one because she's playing with Ginger and making up words for Ginger to repeat back to her, it's long though, no need to watch the whole thing:

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