Pin of the Week: Snickerdoodle Bread

This was one of my original pins from year(s?) ago now - the reason it took me so long to get around to making it was finding the cinnamon chips! If I had noticed you could substitute toffee bits, I probably would've done that forever ago. I mainly pinned this one for Todd - as we all (now) know, snickerdoodles are his fave. But he loooooves dessert breads too - and this definitely no more difficult than making pumpkin bread. I have been trying to stop baking so much, but once I finally found cinnamon chips, I couldn't NOT bake this. Clearly it is not on the healthy side, but hey I've got to learn self-control at some point!
Now, I like it - but it's not my most favorite thing. I kind of think there are too many cinnamon chips, or maybe it doesn't actually need them at all - the flavor of the bread, especially the hint of sour cream is really good. Todd is in heaven though. 
I didn't have 3 mini loaf pans like the original recipe called for, so I tried one large pan and one muffin tin - the muffins turned out very flat and very crunchy around the outside - super hard to get out of the tin. Large loaf was crispy on the outside, but kind of underdone in the middle, and fell flat. The night I made them, I thought it was going to have to throw it all out - but it seems to get better each day! I'd recommend it! The Pinterest link was kind of weird, so here's the link straight to the recipe. 

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