Out and About in Boise

Fiiiiiiinally, now that the weather is starting to be nice enough to go outside, I have something to share on the blog! I looked back at my February picture folder, and the only pictures I took were ones of the bedroom after I painted it! February is my least favorite month. But hooray! It's March now and spring is on it's way! We are feeling very antsy for spring break and getting out for some fun (we are thinking Salt Lake City again). So yesterday we loaded up to head to Boise, but didn't really have a plan of what we were going to do, just wanted to get out in the lovely sunshine.
I had been wanting to try out Goody's for a while, a little shop in the North End of Boise that makes their own candy, caramel corn, ice cream, and other treats. It's supposed to be like a old-time ice-cream parlour/soda counter. Todd and Liam got ice cream, while Lina and I shared some caramel corn, and brought home a few candies for later. I'm normally a See's girl, but there's definitely a new rival for this chocolate-loving heart! 
Afterwards we just drove up and down the neighborhood streets, window shopping for houses -each house is so different and beautiful, some are small and cottagey, and some look like colonial castles, some are art decor, and some are arts and crafts. I love it.
Until we found ourselves smack dab behind the capital, and decided to play tourist and check it out (first time for the kids).
Our capital building is really gorgeous. Liam loved all the floors and space inside. Carolina just loved being able to walk around on her own. After wandering around inside (and getting our exercise on all the stairs), we played on the lawn for a bit - the sun was out and it felt so nice.
We decided since we'd spend the gas to come down here we should just take advantage of everything we could think of: Whole Foods, BoDo, Anthropologie, Costa Vida, and finally the mall. The kids were pretty good consdering! And it was good practice for our little vacation coming up. We are hoping the next time we make a Boise-day of it, we'll be able to enjoy a little warmer weather and visit the zoo and park! 

Oh, and it's Idaho's 150th Birthday this year! Looking forward to some cool things to come with that.

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