Pin(s) of the Week: Gooey Butter Cake + Lemon Garlic Spaghetti + Amazing Brocolli

I loved this cake ever since I first had it at the (now closed) Brownstone coffee shop, apparently it's quite popular in other parts of the country. And actually it's really easy to make, and only 5 ingredients! Mix 3 ingredients together and press in the pan for the crust, and then mix the other 3 and pour them on top, then bake, cool, and dust with powdered sugar. The cake I originally had didn't have powdered sugar on top, and really it doesn't add anything other than an extra messy factor. Plus, now that I think about it, it makes these look like lemon bars - quite deceiving
These are really a delicious and very rich treat, the recipe makes a 9x13 pan of them, so more than enough to share! Here's the link!

There are two other recipes from Pinterest that I love and have made several times so I wanted to share, but have never take a picture of them. The first is this lemon garlic spaghetti, it's crazy easy, fast and a perfect side with fish, chicken, so many things. The second is this amazing brocolli - if you know me, you I don't like vegetables, and I really don't like brocolli, it's just something I force down occasionally, because I know it's good for me. But, then I found this recipe that actually makes me like eating brocolli. itisthatgoooood.
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