Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Aren't these two just the preciousest?! I love these two kids so much, and I'm amazed at how lucky I am to be the one that gets to sleep under the same roof as them, chase them around every day, clean up after them, and all the hectic stuff about being a parent. I love it. Liam is such a sweet, happy, helpful, loving boy. And Lina is adorable, and funny, so so smart, and a little lovey when she wants to be.

I really love Valentine's day, because I just love celebrating love! I was ready to start making some cards to send out a while ago, so on one of our snow days at home I got to work taking some of the cutest pictures I've ever been able to take! These are the two originals I picked for our card:
This time I went with TinyPrints for our greeting cards because I had a coupon and there were just soooo many cute options, I had the worst time picking just one (because you had to order a minimum of 10 cards, and I didn't need that many!) Here was my second favorite, that we didn't end up ordering... but so cute, I love seeing Carolina's little teefers!

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