Small World Party: Decorations & Details

Most of the decorations I used were from the printables Jeran made for me and put on her etsy store. I just downloaded the files, took them to Office Depot and printed them - the neat thing was that they could take pieces of the prints and manipulate / enlarge them.
Here is the cutest bunting:
 *Note, I did have to cut it out and put it together - so it did take some work, but I looove it and don't want to take it down!
 I took the "Carolina" and the facade off of the invitation and had them enlarge them - I love how it turned out! It was really inexpensive too - less than $20 for all the printing.
 Another bunting - I don't know what these circles were supposed to decorate, but this is how I used them.
 The drink / candy station - borrowed Jen's globe to decorate the counter - peach roses from Costco and Jen's blue jars fit the color theme.
 On the table: orange sherbet & sprite punch, at Jeran's suggestion - plus lime water, mason jar cups, with Jen's left over gray and white straws, then peach rings, mint m&m's, and York pieces for the candy - as close to the colors as I could get.
**Not pictured was the dinner - just pizzas and salad from Costco. I tend to stress about having large groups of people over, and cooking isn't my favorite/best talent, so this seemed the best solution. - and I think it was easy and pretty tasty.
 Here is the dining room set-up. (The kids kind of didn't eat - they just played upstairs or outside - I had basically planned for them to eat outside anyway - since there was more seating and a mess wouldn't matter.)
 Carolina's seat; my only regret is that I didn't have the poster directly behind her high chair so it was in all the pictures :-/
 Small World themed bib I made last minute with some fabric Jeran gave me last summer and I never thought of anything awesome enough to do with it. It's the cutest fabric, is it not?!
 Cake table (borrowed from Jen, borrowed from Carly). Linda made all the cake - white cake with almond frosting, yummm.
 Cake toppers made from Jeran's printables.
 Favors were our favorite Daybreak Donuts - frosted blue and green on request.

 Mantle decorations.

 Idea for picture bunting, copied from Jeran. I didn't take "matching" pictures every month - but did take pictures (as you well know) - and she wrote an idea about doing them in black and white to match whatever theme. I had them printed in color and B&W to see which I liked better - and went with this one. I don't want to take this down either, it's too cute. I may put it up in Lina's room for a while.
 Cake at the end of the night - I'd say she did pretty good - although Ripley got her fair share of it :)


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