Pin of the Week: Toasted Oatmeal Cookie Butter Bars

Have you ever heard of speculoos?
Because I hadn't until very recently, well I guess it was last summer when we went to Salt Lake and ate at that waffle place - and one waffle had speculoos on it. It was delicious! Then, at Trader Joe's in Bakersfield I saw a jar of it and bought that puppy right up. Of course we hadn't done anything with it, other than eat it with a spoon. So when this recipe popped up on Pinterest I was dee-lighted. 
What? I had to make sure they were good before I let other people eat them!
Our school potluck this week was the perfect opportunity to break it out and give it a go. It's a  pretty easy recipe, there are maybe a few more steps than I'd ideally like to have, but not tough and still not that time consuming. Also, I thought it would be pretty sweet, especially with the chocolate chips and glaze on top - because speculoos (cookie butter) is quite sweet. But these really weren't - the taste of the toasted oat really came through and the tiny amount of salt was definitely present. Next time I would add a little more butter to my toasting oats and toast them a little less, and use big chips instead of mini ones. Also, my glaze never really hardened, so I should probably do less water next time. But all-in-all pretty tasty I'd say. And since there were zero left (out of a 9x13 pan), I'd say other people liked them too.
Yep, eatin' one at my desk.
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