Liam @ 3.5

Here is Liam a week ago - long hair, summertime clothes, tan face...

 Here he is this week... short hair, fall clothes, and yes - somehow a paler face...
 How does this child look so different 7 days later?
 Sooo much older?
 Still cute though.
 It's a good haircut, a cute style on him - but I still don't like it as much as the shag he used to have. This cuts wayyy down on tangles and combing though.
 I love little hands and feet.

 The horses were out - pretty fun.
 Carolina was up for a little action too.
 He really is such a good brother - he takes care of her and plays with her and loves to make her laugh.
 In the 10-15 minutes it took to take these pictures we got some darned good ones - I don't think I'm ever going back to a portrait studio.
Liam is a little older than three-and-a-half, but he wears size 4 pants and size 5 shirts and pajamas, size 9-10 shoe. He is 41 1/2 inches tall and 40 lbs - he can fit into a booster seat now! He is a much better sleeper, even in the new house, but he does need his bedtime routine. He is not a better eater, still super picky and spends several hours at night at the dinner table - sigh, it will probably be a lifelong (or at least decades long) battle. He is a total daddy's boy, and needs his dad for everything - cries if he can't give him 3 hugs before they part. Liam loves hexbugs, cars, his leapster, the ipads and phones, tv and movies, playing in the garden, driving his jeep, swimming (which is done for now), and being at his grandparents houses. He is so funny when you talk to him, he's crazy and definitely getting into a wild phase, plus he's quite a hyper kid. We love him, but boy he keeps us on our toes!


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