Carolina's First Birthday: A Small World Party!

Get ready for a looooot of pictures - and this post is just the ones of Carolina - tomorrow will be all the party details.
Ready for some dinner on her "throne"
Typical Carolina pose.
Present time - tiny pink sparkle TOMS - adorable!
GG knew Carolina would love the baby animals book!
Enjoying a new toy.
She loves clothes - of course - she's a girl!
"It's a small world after all..."
Liam with his buds and a few presents just for him.
Cake time!
Why are all these people staring at me and singing?
Yay, all for me!
Ooh, a candle!
Aah, a flame!
want... the... fire...
First taste - wasn't quite sure.
Trying a bite on her own.

Yep, it's good.

I love this one - like she's kind of annoyed with the paparazzi ;)
Shoveling it in, now.
I so wanted her to just stick her whole face in it!
She was pretty pleased with all that sugar.
She ate quite a bit, but Ripley had her fair share on the floor as well!
What a fun party!! We had just enough seats since the little kids played outside during dinner - and enough room in our new house (I promise pictures to come). Carolina totally enjoyed herself despite being a cranky-no-nap-pants all that day. She made a satisfying mess of her cake and was just so her. Thanks to all our family and friends who came (and for those who couldn't and were thinking about us)!! Love you all!
**And thanks Patrick for taking pictures for me - nice work!**


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