Pre-Wedding Pics

The day before the wedding, when I was up in Hidden Spring for the rehearsal I took some pictures of the decor and setting as it was being put together. At that time I thought it looked amazing, but it really didn't compare with the day of, when everything was finished. As I said I didn't take many pics on the day of - the ones I had, you already saw. We are waiting on pins and needs for the photographer to finish up so we can see!
I thought you might like to see some of Jen's decor anyhow, even before it was totally done.
Lina's carriage

Pretty much all set up in here, just needed to rearrange some tables

Love the bunting and lights
Jen made this rag strip chandelier
Drink table with more cute bunting
Cool idea for wall decoration - embroidery hoops filled with different lace and fabric, and tied together
This wasn't quite set up yet, but it was to be the place where all the favors (jelly jars) were set up

Such a pretty setting, it was cloudy on rehearsal day, but perfectly sunny the next day
Talking about details with the wedding planner
The backdrop for the ceremony - designed and made by friends/family
It's a farm, ya'll

Liam is wayyy out there - he really liked it
This obviously isn't finished without the table cothes, decor, and flowers - but you get an idea of what it would look like
The best part: Chickens! Really, it was the best part
It really was the MOST beautiful wedding I've ever seen. She totally had a vision and completely fulfilled it - it was so perfect it should have been feature in a wedding magazine. Honestly, truly, it was like a fairy-tale-dream-poem of a wedding. The sun was setting just barely behind the tall trees that shaded the barn and the field but little rays shone sparkled through, the wind just lightly blew enough to move the lace and ribbons beautifully, even a big gorgeous dragon fly zipped in and around us during the ceremony - it was like something from a movie. The ceremony was moving, and such a good reminder to us old-married folk of the vows we once took, the party was great, the food was excellent. Honestly, if you weren't there, you just plain missed out!
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