Pin of the Week: Spicy Romano Chicken

I've basically been emotionally-eating my way through the last couple of months. With the start of school, and a switch to new grade level and team, Jen's wedding (totally emotional) then the house sale and move, sick kids, and a couple of other rough patches at school (let's just say there a few separate instances of being promised something awesome, and then having it taken away) - I've been at a stress-level 8/9 for a while now.  I know I need to change my ways, and I will soon - I hope. 
All that leading up to what I made for dinner this week - total. comfort. food. Warning, this is not a healthy meal - the amount of butter and cream is not for the faint of heart. Literally. But it is OH so good!
It's an imitation of Carino's Spicy Romano Chicken dish - and we know how I love those imitation recipes :) I had also pinned it because it said it was their "go-to one pot meal". Let me say this, it was not one pot. At least 3 pots, and then some, had to be washed and it made a huge mess all over my stove and counters. I was ready to count it out, until I tried it. Ohhh stars-and-glory was it ever tasty. Todd of course picked out the artichokes, mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes - but he still liked it quite a bit (I know, when did he become the picky one?). The recipe made a ton, filling up my whole largest skillet, which left plenty for both of us to stuff ourselves and still have lunch tomorrow. 
I only tweaked a few things: I used 12 oz of pasta, because that's what the box came in; it was fine. I added a whole clove of garlic to the sauce and pulled it out before combining sauce and pasta. I used whatever parmesan/romano/asiago type hard cheese it is that I had in the fridge - also, fine. And I'll also say that it is really pretty spicy. Both our noses were running. We are used to heat, but if you are at all sensitive to it, then I recommend cutting the cayenne in half or less. 
This won't be an oft-made meal because of the health factor, but I could see it becoming a great company-is-coming dinner or the kind of meal we make for people's birthdays. It's kinda fancy like that.
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