House Update!

**Addendum: As of 10 pm - 100% NOT bought... not our fault or anything we can do about it... just waiting on the rest of the world now...**

The status is: 99.9% BOUGHT!
We signed the papers yesterday, and shoouullld get the keys this afternoon. It's very unlikely this won't happen, but we aren't counting it out. We really only have reasons to be thankful, but even so - we're so tired and just done with this process; I'm tryyying to be positive though. As you can see all of our belongings are in the garage of the new house. Thankful1: we were allowed to move our stuff in here instead of paying for multiple storage units/moving it into multiple family members garages. Thankful 2: three-car garage! Thankful 3: all moved out in time with the help of manymany hands/trucks/dollies/trailers.
 It was strange to see our house so empty - it was a bit bittersweet, but I wasn't so sad that I cried or anything. The thing that got me the most was the kids empty rooms...

Both kids were sick this week, Liam got my cold and Lina seems to have it now - or it could be teeth. Please let it be teeth. We wore the poor babies out - and still are - but there's no rest for the weary lately.
I was hoping to start up my daily blogging again, but since we should be in the new house tomorrow there will be no internet except for the phones until Thursday or Friday - and phone blogging is difficult.
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