House Update!

We didn't think we'd hear anything until after the holiday, but we got the call tonight that the sellers accepted our second counter offer, so barring any big issues, this baby is ours!
We dragged our real estate agent over to it so every one could see inside - it was like having our first party there!
To give you some details - it's in Nampa, in the neighborhood right next to our current one. But this one is wayyyy different, it's so nice and quiet. The house is 2,100 sq feet - quite a leap from 1,500! It has 3 bedrooms, but also a very large office and a huge bonus room above the garage - this was a major selling point for us. It has a fireplace, corner soaker tub (for Todd), a nice large covered patio, beautiful yard, even granite in the kitchen! There are of course some things I want to do to it immediately like have the rooms painted, but especially the yellow and green that covers the whole kitchen/living area. I also want to put down some wood laminate over the ugly vinyl laminate on the kitchen floor. There are other things, but they can wait. Painting the interior of this house is going to take some time!
We should know tomorrow the timeline for closing, which can apparently be as done as quickly as 9 days if our financial gal pushes it. Cross your fingers, because as of tomorrow we have 9 days until our current house closes and we have to be out! We are also going to ask for a few extra days from the buyers, but we can't count on it. If the timelines don't meet, we are at least hoping that we can get permission (and renters insurance) to move our stuff into the garage so we don't have to rent a storage facility and move twice.
Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement - keep praying that everything with the closings and inspection go smoothly...

 And let the packing begin!

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