We had SO so so much fun with all the family here for Jen (and Grant's) wedding. Before the wedding was just crazy, and we really didn't get to be togther, but after Jent (celebrity couple name) left on the honeymoon we partied. I thought they missed out, but as Aunt Lynda put it, Jen got a better offer ;-) 
Here are a few pics of fam, for the fam!
This one makes you go awww...
 Until you see this one - which is a triple awwawwaww!
GG feeding Carolina - bummer this was the only picture we got, because Carolina basically decided that Granny was her BFF. They were hiLARious together. I hope my parents got video!
She loved playing with Great Grandma too :)
Baby cousin Parker!
 Reading with Great Aunt Sharon
 Playing together...ish
 Uncle Gary & Aunt Lynda with the kids (these folks need some grandchildren!)
 Cousin Anthony and Jamie - great job on the food Anthony!
 We all sat down at a big meal out...
 The babies were thrilled.
 View from the other end.
 Can you say chocolate fountain?
Other than this picture, Liam is strangely absent from the rest. He's not really in a picture taking mood. The wedding pics should be a hilarious in a head-shaking kind of way. Just before picture time he took off running across the field toward the chickens. He was not into it. Just in general this whole weekend I didn't get nearly as many pictures or the kind of pictures I would have liked. Shame on me. But I am glad for the good ones I did get - hope you like them too!
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