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We are about 80% unpacked/put together. What's left is basically non-essentials, stuff to get rid of, or stuff to be stored out in the garage. Although there's not a whole lot of stuff left in the garage (compared to what it was like anyway), it's all spread out so that we can't park our cars inside. I think that will be the big project this weekend. I'm finding that we really can't get much done during the week with the kids. We are tired after work, the kids always seem to be extra wild or cranky lately. Liam is being a 3-year-old handful, and Carolina is already acting like a toddler as well. She's still got that cold/maybe-teething thing, and is having a dreadful time napping. I sincerely hope she's not going to drop her second nap. She's so fussy in the evening, and she just either hangs onto my leg so I can't move, or screams if I turn my back to her. She has quite a temper, that one. She has only a week left of zero. My baby! Here's the long-distance party planning Jeran's been doing for me - I loooove it!
I hope to have posts later this week with pics of family when they were here for the wedding, pics of the house (even though it's not close to done, and hard for me to share before it's perfect!), and maybe a Babes in Disneyland post as well.
For now - in Lina's last week of official babyhood - here are some videos:
Doing her favorite activity - putting things in and out of a cup and giving and taking them from you - it's a long video and so probably boring (I wouldn't know since I'm her mom and I think she's fascinating)... but you can hear her say some words!
Practicing walking - which she loves, until she gets to the end and no one will turn her around. I love the walk, stop, chew, look pleased with oneself, continue walking sequence.

This one is super fast - but we managed to get her walking on video. The most she's taken is 5 steps I think, an only when we prompt her to - but still! She could do it if she wanted to, but she's kind of chicken about it :)
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