11 Months

Carolina turned 11 months old on Sunday - and I really can't believe it! There's not much to tell you since I just did her 10 month update last week, but a couple of new things are: she can drink through a straw, she says "hereyago" when she hands you something, and she walks quite well when you hold both her hands, she could do it without but won't try.  Also she stands up - all. the. time. Like so:

She also does it in the buggy - not safe - in this picture she's turned herself around and holding on, normally she's just facing forward free-handing it! Crazy girl! Liam never tried stuff like this, and I don't think we ever used the belt/strap for him, oh but for her it's a must.
I'll take some 11 month pictures eventually... maybe in her flower girl dress :)

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