11 Month Pics

*House update: didn't get to the house again yesterday, maybe today...*

Her birthday is just less than 2 weeks, but I wanted to squeeze in one more month of nice pictures before she turns one - only thing is there's not been a lot of time to do it. So I snapped some while she was in the pool. She made of a lot of crazy faces, so it was hard to get some "pretty" ones. Even her smiles for Maddie, who was entertaining her, were kind of silly-looking. She's still so cute though - can't believe she's zero for only a few more days!
Silly-squinty smile

She does love the pool

Hmm, fountain.

She crawls up to the edge, and sometimes puts her leg over, but she knows to stop there.
 What a happy girl - unless she's sick, like she's been lately - then she's so upset you'd think for sure there was something terribly wrong with her. But no, give her some ibuprofen and Tylenol - and she's good as gold again. Think she'll be a drama queen? And she's definitely turning into a bit of a wild child. She crawls up on everything she is able to - she's going to one of those kids where you walk in the room to find them standing on the kitchen table. She's getting better at walking, but still won't do it unless she's holding onto something. She loves to push the little walker around the room, and she will stop halfway turn around and wave at you - it's precious! She says "thank you" now sometimes when you give her something, and she definitely says "hi" with meaning and maybe "yeh" - plus all the other words she already knows. She also knows how to use gestures to get what she wants. She points at what she wants to eat, or points at you when she wants you to do something for her. Yesterday though, she was pointing at Linda's yogurt cup when she wanted a bite, and Linda held it up saying "Say please" and she just growled at her, so funny. But that's her new thing, she growls all the time - but it still has such a girly sound behind it that it's hilarious and not at all conveying her irritation the way she'd like it to. And she still has no teeth. I don't know if it's because she's had this cold or if it's a new phase but she's been getting a little pickier with food, she hasn't been eating as much, and doesn't want anything out of a jar. She intentionally tosses everything on the ground she doesn't want - which is extra annoying since we've been at the grandparents houses (where there's no dog to clean up the mess, only me). She's definitely not in a growth spurt now though, since she's fitting fine into the 9-12 month stuff from the beginning of summer. But she is still the cutest little thing we've ever seen, and we just love love love the silly faces she makes and her happy smiles, and pointing, and dancing. She's going to be so much fun (and so much work) when she's 1 - looking forward to it!

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