We love our Doughnuts

Daybreak Donuts in Nampa is one of our favorite places for a breakfast snack, and a common bribe for a certain 3 year old I know.
All of their doughnuts are good, but their cake doughnuts are the BEST. Really, I've never had a better doughnut.
They have several varieties, and by the time we were done with our doughnuts  95% of the cake doughnuts were gone and half of the regular. They are popular.
Liam's choice is always something with sprinkles, but his flavor choice varies from strawberry, to blueberry, to chocolate.
Lina enjoys a doughnut as well. (Yes, we did go in our pajamas. Classy.)

We did pretty good, except Liam, who likes to eat off the frosting first and then is too full to finish his cake.

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