Vacation: Over & Wrap-up

This trip was unique in that we got there early and left late. Normally we're flying in at about 10pm, going straight to the hotel to crash and up early the next day for parks - and when we leave, we usually fly out in the a.m. therefore we're up super early to get to the airport. This time we were there early in the day, with plenty of time to explore to ready ourselves, and the day we flew out, our flight was in the evening. SO nice. We were able to leisurely wake up (ish), get ready, pack, and then head back to Downtown Disney for our big souvenir shopping excursion and Todd's birthday lunch (I forgot to mention Todd's birthday was on our last day in the parks). He picked ESPN Zone, which is always delicious and very filling. Then it was time to spend the rest of our reward dollars (I may have also forgot to mention that everything in Disney we paid for with reward money earned from our Chase Disney Visa) on souvenirs. One of the things we love to do is shop all the different stores throughout the parks, but for some reason we didn't do that on this trip - again, just ran out of time. We found always everything we wanted in the World of Disney Store, except for some specific pins we wanted for our lanyards (we get one each for ourselves and each kid that signifies that particular trip). Just another reason to have to go back again soon :)
I've had trouble getting through the security at John Wayne before, with baby stuff, but it was a breeze this time and we had plenty of time to kill in the airport. We were all pretty fried, so we got Starbucks and just sad and played on our phones/iPads/laptops until it was time for a snack.
We had a very short layover in Oakland again, so there wouldn't be time for dinner. We of course picked yogurt! I love pinkberry, but it's more fun to put your own toppings on in my opinion. Anyways, the flights went well - Lina fell asleep in my arms on the first leg, you could've done surgery on my hand and I wouldn't have felt a thing, by the time we landed - so numb. The flights are pretty short, so that's nice - I'd always just rather have a direct flight and get it over with, but it's nice for teh kids to have a short sitting period and a break in between.
Things that were good - 1) bringing/buying PB & J, bread, fruit/squeezy fruit packs, water bottles, milk boxes, snacks - I think we actually never ended up buying Liam a kids meal because he was always hungry early, so ate then, or napping during lunch! 2) having two separate strollers - this worked because there were so many of us willing to take a turn, good for when one was napping and the other wasn't, and great for when we wanted to split up. If it were just Todd and I we would have to have a double stroller though. 3) jellybeans & gum, they worked as bribes pretty well 4) having a big-ish group that functioned well together (and helped with the kids!)
Things that were not-so-good: 1) the heat! you think SoCal is supposed to be mild climate - but every time we go it seems like there's some crazy extreme weather for part (or all) of the trip! 2) the hotel - I had such good experiences with it prior, but it let me down this time with it's dirty floors, second story rooms and NO elevator (ie. carrying strollers and kids up/down 4x a day), and noisy people in the a.m., 3) not bringing breakfast stuff - dumb me
Hm - it's late. And that's all I can think of for now, but I'll work on these lists - just as much for me as for you (in case you wanted to know).
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