Sleep Struggles

Liam was always a great sleeper, as a baby and a toddler. If he didn't fall right asleep he would talk to himself and it was quite cute to listen to.
So, you may remember a couple of incidences that happened with Liam a while ago. The first was the fire alarm went off for no reason when Liam was sleeping and it scared him badly. The second incident happened in the middle of the night, when a string from a toy he liked to sleep with, got wrapped around his finger very tightly - his finger was dark purple and he was screaming in pain. Since then he hasn't wanted to sleep with any toys.
After these two traumas it seems like bedtime just went downhill. After that he started being nervous about how dark it was in his room, scared of the curtains moving (because they were over a vent), then afraid of the closet being open, a lamp on his bookshelf, and so on and so on - he was start screaming/crying randomly at all hours of the night, being afraid of something but then would settle down. Until now, when a perfectly happy, great little sleeper has turned into a bedtime monster. It usually takes an hour to get him to stay in bed, but if he doesn't want to he screams bloody murder, cries, runs out of bed and out of his room. If you try to lock him in he bangs and kicks the door and throws things at it. Lovely, right. Of course this commotion usually terrifies Carolina who is just falling asleep next door to him and we have to calm her down. The situation escalated on vacation - when Liam wouldn't sleep in Dylan's room, even though his two cousins were in there with him. Todd and Grandma took turns sleeping with him, then Todd shared a bed with him in Anaheim as well. Now he would just really like it if either A) He didn't have to go to bed at all, or B) You would stay with him all night.
Although it seems to be slowwwly getting better (yesterday it only took a half hour of sweet talking to get him to go to bed), it's still very frustrating. We've had to stop giving him naps - which sucks for me, and really for him, because come 4 or 5 he's fairly cranky and naughty because he needed a nap. But we've found that he goes to sleep much faster at night if he hasn't napped and therefore has less crying fits once bedtime has started. No nap, plus bribes, plus basically letting him do whatever he wants at bedtime (4 potty breaks, 3 books,  2 drinks, 16 hugs, 11 kisses, etc.) has finally allowed us to get him to sleep without throwing a major fit. It's frustrating, sad, exhausting, and very confining for us in the evenings.
We'd take any advice from you who have experienced similar bedtimes, and prayers for Liam and for our sanity!

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