Pin of the Week: Bridal Shower Food & Decor! Tea Sandwiches + Buttermints + Oreo Pops + Deviled Eggs + Bacon Cheddar Scones + Macarons

This is certainly the first time I've tried to pull off a party that was this fancy. Liam's birthday's up-till-now, have been pretty basic and simple, although I've liked them. But I wanted Jen's shower (since it's an adult party, not a kid one) to be a little nicer. I had to get inspiration, so I looked to Pinterest and of course, Jeran, who's done a couple of tea parties and blogged about them. I'll try to put a link for everything that I can.

In the foreground we have fruit pops/skewers/toothpicks, inspired by this pin. In the background, this shortbread from Jeran (that Linda made).
These sandwiches are rye bread, cucumber, and vegetable garden cream cheese. They were inspired by this tea party that was Denali's 9th birthday.
Homemade buttermints, very easy and wayyy too delicious from this pin.
Chocolate covered Oreo pops from this pin (I thought it would be like Oreo truffle pops, but easier... I would  go the extra mile for the truffle pops next time).
These deviled eggs and scones (below) were inspired from the same birthday/tea party as the sandwiches. I just googled "spicy deviled eggs" and found this one. Mom made them and they were pretty tasty, but sadly I do not remember where the recipe came from.
I also googled a recipe for "bacon cheddar scones" and pinned this one, which turned out to be really delicious. I would make them again for Christmas morning or something (they were very similar to Grandpa's buttermilk biscuits, but with cheese and bacon and cayenne!)
Here are the now-infamous macarons. Remember how well my first batch went? Well the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th batches were a total flop. At least the 4th batch yielded just enough for the party. Now I'm out of almond flour and I may never attempt them again.
Having a little candy bar is something that Jeran does at almost all of her kids parties, it's cute and colorful so we did that and put out little baggies so people could fill them up and take them home as a favor kind of. (I did not take any pictures of the prizes though! I made gray chevron tea towels with yellow mini puff ball trim, and yellow dipped wooden utensils tied together with a ribbon).
I borrowed Jeran's little pompoms for the vases and her yellow and great bunting, which were perfect. Then I made these tissue paper ones to hang and put on the mail box, from this pin.
And followed the instructions from this pin to make a great letter M (how fortuitous that we will share the same last name initial again - back to having the same initials!)
I think that's everything!
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