Last day at Disney...

Our last day we mixed it up between both parks, and sort of tried to squeeze in all the things we hadn't done/ re-do some of the favorite things we had already done.... but we started out with pictures...

 The guys ran to get on rides, but I decided to take the kids and get some breakfast and coffee at the new bakery - and just soak up a little Disney magic. Jen and Mom decided to join us, so more pictures were taken. The moments when you just slow down and take it all in are more important (to me) than running around to get on a billion rides - although I do enjoy that too!
We may look a leeetle bit tired...

 Then it was time for another round on the real Tea Cups...
  And pictures in the fake one...
 And while the everybody was still racing to ride the big rides, I picked up a little something for my daughter...
  We also ran into Ariel!
 We took a quick detour through Toon Town for Liam's sake - he did love it, and he got to see Goofy!
 We had to get a ride on Splash Mtn. (and I was more than willing to without a poncho because it was so hot) - but the best part was that just after we went down the splash the rode broke down! This may not sound awesome, but it was literally a dream come true for me. Cast Members came to help us out of our log and we got walked through the riverboat scene (animatronic characters moving, but no sound - weird!) and then through some sort of creepy back space - it actually took a really long time to get off and we were given a free fast pass to whatever ride we chose.

Waiting to exit, and loving it.
 I'm not sure of the order of things here - but I know we got Dole Whips and rode the monorail (which Liam did really love), and then both kids took their afternoon stroller nap.

 At this point we were in DCA, and it was the super hot point in the afternoon - but on our last day we weren't going back to the hotel, so we parked the kids in the shade by a bench and Mom and I people watched and rested our feet.
Once they were awake we did a little splitting up and our little group went to watch the parade that Liam had missed earlier. I think Todd wanted to go with everyone else and keep riding rides, but it was worth it to watch Liam watch the parade.

Is it coming?
Hi Buzz!
Even Lina enjoyed it.
And before we knew it, it was dark out and we were scrambling a bit to squeeze in everything we wanted to do. Of course we had to watch fireworks, because they're awesome, and because both kids loved - I mean LOVED them!
And we had to get Carolina's silhouette. And we HAD to get Liam's light "saver" - he'd been talking about it for months.

I'm fairly certain he'd go to the dark side.

I'd say he's happy.
 I did a bad thing - we had told Liam he had to put the Light Saber away - but when he was on a ride, or so I thought, I got it out to play with it myself (you know you would too) - at that moment they came walking back and try as I might I couldn't get the thing closed and Liam caught me red-handed. He of course wanted to play with it, and when I told him no he absolutely lost it. The kid was exhausted. I think it was closing in on 11pm at this point. My parents took the kids back and us four went around trying to use our free fast pass... we had kind of a hard time, but eventually went with Indiana Jones. 16 hours straight, we were beat. 
Lina slept through all the excitement.
Walt says "hello" and "goodbye" to us.
It doesn't matter how tired I was, or how happy I was to sleep in my own bed, I was/am still sad not to be there at this very moment. Three days felt like a lot, but in the end we realized there were so many things we didn't do/see/eat that we wanted to - like the train for-pete's-sake! I've always got to be planning my next trip - even Liam has been asking to go to the airport or Disneyland and asking me, "Are you excited to ride on the monorail again Mom?" A boy after his mom's (and dad's) heart :)
"Lina loves Dole Whip"
"Parade Fail"
"Accidental fireworks recording = best ever"
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