Instagram Summer Wrap-up...

His first Coke, he was pretty happy about it...
Silly face 1 (I have yet to capture silly face 2 on film)  
I thought these nail polish strips looked like "it's a small world" - I heart them 

Liam got a little more spoiled this week, Grandma and Papa found a garage
sale steal and Liam is in LOVE - he's also a pretty good driver

This is what happens when you take away naps from a 3 year
old,but pretty darn cute 
He loves his bean dip :)
Favorite pic - the epitome of my summer mornings

Summer is over. How does it always seem to stretch neverendingly before me and yet, still always come to an end. It always surprises me for some reason. We did do an awful lot of things this summer, there are still quite a few things that I just didn't get done. Right now I'm trying not to lose my mind thinking about starting work, getting everything done for Jen's bridal shower, keeping my house clean for potential buyers, and squeezing in an anniversary celebration for Todd and I, if possible. Hectic, here I come!
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