In the meantime...

While I was working on vacation posts we were getting back to regular life... 
Liam knows what to do for the camera - and sometimes he asks for me to take pictures of him with his sister. This girl will not sit still for pictures though! (She, who is 10 months old now.)

 Lina's been eating big girl meals - she seems to be over her choking issues. Here she's eating ground beef, avocado and strawberries. She also has eaten meatballs, chicken, tomatoes, nectarines, cucumbers, potatoes, rice, beans, watermelon among other things. She definitely prefers these messy meals to jarred baby food (good thing we have a dog).

Pool parties... what would summer be without them?

"Hallelujah" hands
Silly face!
Her feet. Are in. The grass.
Past bedtime.

And a few more pics in Instagram:
Pointer sister. She wasn't doing this nearly as much until after hanging' with Olivia.
Liam sharing.
Love this little owl vase from Target's dollar section.

Fly girl.

PB cup s'mores, yumm.
But this is the biggest thing that's been happening, in the meantime...
We are attempting to sell our house. The market is still low, but on the upswing and interest rates are far better than we we bought (8 years ago!). We are looking for something a little nicer, a litter bigger, but mainly in a more appealing neighborhood for the kids' sake. Wish us luck, or better yet, pray that God takes care of us in this situation and whatever is best, is what happens. We are in the happy situation of being able to sell, not being forced to, and therefore not having to settle for a price we don't want. If the house does sell (and our realtor is quite optimistic), we still want to make sure that this is the right decision for our family - we think so, but prayer always helps!
Here is the link to our listing~!
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