Another House Update

I figured the next time I updated you, we'd have a house, or a contract with a builder at least, but no. We have nothing. We talked with a couple of builders and even made a plan to meet with one to pick out plans and start the process, but after we did that we didn't feel comfortable about it. So we canceled, and decided to wait out the market a bit more. At most, 2 houses come on the market a day that are in our price range, but it seems as though half of them are short sales which are unknown months away from being able to close on - the average is 8. And I just can't do that. We looked at a couple of more pricey houses today, hoping they might fit the bill... but that's hard too, because when we feel like we're breaking the bank a bit, we want something really top notch, of course that's not the case. And at any rate, they didn't work. One was too far away, and the other had too much work to be done on it. I feel like I'm wasting my life away looking at houses... Ah, so frustrating. There is a pre-approved short sale on the market that is quite nice and Todd drools over it (though I don't really love it, too fancy - go figure!), we are considering putting in a low ball offer on it because it will need a little work. I'll let you know how that goes... If it goes.
In other news, I started school today - officially - with students and everything. Boy, they are cute, but it's going to be a big adjustment moving down to the littler kids who need their shoes tied and can't read the instructions I write on the board.
I just need a good helping of peace and patience right now!

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