10 months, and then some...

So, she's quite a ways past her 10 month birthday, but I couldn't let a month go by and not take some pictures! 

Her birthday will be here before we know it. I can't believe she'll be year old and I won't have a baby anymore!!! It's a tragedy! But I guess it's not because I'll still have her. And she is a joy. She's so funny right now, making all her silly faces and mimicking your movements and sounds, Liam's screams and yells are her favorite to copy. She says mama and dada, hi, uh-oh, no-no, *update* and as of today (that I know of) she says "birdie" which is so adorable, also "bah-booey"... she says it a lot so it must be important. She knows what the words mean too. She gets mad and yells at you if you tell her "no" and move her away from something or take something away that's not supposed to have. She's very good at waving and pointing, still working on clapping. She's been doing some free standing lately, mostly standing and letting go, but some standing up without help. She's even taken one step on her own! She cruises around furniture perfectly. Now she's just got to get her confidence up basically, if she wants to start really standing and walking on her own. She's at a place where she prefers "people" food to baby jars and bottles. She's getting really hard to feed with a spoon or bottle because she pushes them away, whether or not she's still hungry. She will eat any people food I give her though. It's nice to be able to go out to eat, even if I don't have a jar of food with me and know that I can give her bites of my chicken, roll, potato, whatever - and she'll be happy (of course she still makes a huge mess). She still has NO teeth though! I can still feel them there, right at the edge, but they won't pop up. Maybe they're about to though because she's been kind of fussy for no reason lately. She loves to be read to, although she does try to turn the pages a little too fast. But it's so cute how she laughs and talks to the book and gets so excited. She's just getting to be a big girl, it's one of the most fun things to watch, but so bittersweet!
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