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3 more days! I've been packing (piling), cleaning, sewing, and stressing - and it's not even crunch time yet. 
[Poor Lina is sick again, she started having fevers, being fussy, and not sleeping well again - so I took her back to the doctor, expecting to find I'd wasted my money again - but this time I was told she has an ear infection. I guess it's common for that to happen on the tail of some other virus or illness. She started antibiotics yesterday and today she's a new baby - finally feeling better and so happy. Now we just have to hope she doesn't get a yeast infection from the meds!]
To help keep myself focused on the fun parts of the trip, instead of the stressful things - I've come up with a list of Must-Dos... things I'm excited for! (I try not to pick too many things so as I don't disappoint myself)...

Los Angeles (1 day):
 - Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - get a blended coffee
Bakersfield (2 days):
 - In N Out - animal style burger and fries
 - Dewars - marshmallow sauce, yummm
 - Strawberry Patches - spend too much money on cute fabrics
Disneyland (3 days):
 - ride the new rides: Radiator Springs Racers, The Little Mermaid, & Star Tours
 - ride my old faves: Big Thunder Mtn, Matterhorn, Soarin'
 - try a sundae from the new Ghirardelli shop
 - see Carsland during the day and night
 - share cotton candy with Liam
 - share a Dole whip with Lina
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