Our first day on part two of our vacation, we spent the whole day in Disneyland. The weather was forecasted to be 79, and ended up being 88. It. Was. Hot! The kids kind of had melt-downs the first half of the day, just sort of getting used to what we were doing + being tired already, but everything worked out fine. 
Liam is eager and waiting in line at the
front gate.

The big people ran to get on Space Mountain, which made me a little queasy, and then Star Tours which made me extremely queasy, too queasy to go on the Matterhorn next - which is one of my favorites! Bad idea not to eat breakfast beforehand :(
She seems bright-eyed, and bushy-tailed!

It's hard to remember now, but I want to say this was the first ride Liam went on.  We went on a handful of rides in Fantasyland, he got totally freaked out on Pinocchio and cried... so he was pretty skeptical after that.
They knew what they were doing when they put this water feature/giant marble in front of Space Mountain, Liam was happy to play there, and adults were happy to sit in the shade and watch while others rode.

Big Thunder!

Lunch break at Rancho Del Zocalo!
I think this was waiting outside of Big Thunder, Liam's faces in all the pictures this day were so weird.
it's a small world. Lina's FAVE ride! She chattered through the whole thing.
It's tradition to get a self-taken sister pic.
Apparently Grant and Lina were having a staring contest... I think Lina won.
About 2 in the afternoon Todd and I took the kids back to the room. We tried to put Lina down for a nap, but she wasn't having it. So we all went swimming instead and then took showers/baths. We were SO hot and sweaty and tired, it felt good to relax for a couple of hours before we met up again for dinner and more riding fun.
A little video of Liam and Todd riding the Tea Cups:
Lina being excited on iasw:

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