About in Disney California Adventure!

We spent our second day across the esplanade from Disneyland in the newly improved California Adventure Park. I'll say, I'll always liked the park, but it wasn't a "full day" park.. we always went over later in the day to hit a couple of rides and then were back to Disneyland fairly quickly. This time, with the new Buena Visa Street and Cars Land, we spent the entire day there without ever walking across to the Magic Kingdom.

Lina was not amused.

The first thing we did was to get in the fast-pass line for Radiator Springs Racers, the new E-ticket in Cars Land, which has waits of up to 3 hours, and the fast-passes are gone in under an hour. At 8:05, the line was LOOOOOONG. We were told it was an hour long line. Better 1 hour than 3 though, so Jen bit the bullet for us and stood in line with our tickets while the rest of us ran to Toy Story Midway Mania. Liam hadn't ridden it and we knew he would love it because it's so similar to Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. (P.S. He fought us on it, but it ended up being his favorite.)

Lina tells us which way to go.
By the time we were off the ride Jen was back - it wasn't such a long line after all! So the adults got on Screamin' next door, while I took the two kids on the carousel (which Liam did NOT want to do, and it was quite a challenge hanging onto him and Lina).
Ah, young love.

I think Grant was trying to tell us something, when all of a sudden the roller coaster took off, imagine that.

Finally it was time for CARS LAND! I cannot tell you how excited I was...

Here it is!!!

Petting a tractor. Poor little guy was frazzled from being tipped.

Meeting Red (or "Fred" as we call him).
We caught Lighting McQueen pulling up to the Cozy Cone.

Oh my gosh, it was so amazing - the detail just blew my mind. It was exactly like being in the movie!!!
On our way to Bugs Land, Liam met Flik (from his current favorite movie crush).

Next we did a baby swap for Soarin' and while the Knights rode, we checked out some stores on the new Buena Vista Street.


Then while we rode, they grabbed some Starbucks - from inside the park!!
I think I have my events mixed up because at some point in here we split for some reason and I can't remember exactly why, but then we reunited for lunch... and apparently, naptime.

We ate at the Paradise Grill / Boardwalk Pizza & Pasta and it was a hit - especially the steak skewers. Lina woke up a happy girl, Liam napped for a very long time and missed the Pixar Play Parade.

Then we needed a little ice cream...
Next, the adults wanted to go on Tower of Terror (another one I refuse to go one, and also not for little kids) - so we three hung out in the Animation Studio and watched cartoons/crawled/ran around/cooled off.
Liam met Jake (from Jake & the Neverland Pirates) right outside!
Our little fam took another mid-day hotel break to get out of the heat... I think it got to 90 this day (forecast was 81). The pool was too busy, so we all rested, even Lina.
Once back, it was time to use our Racers fast-passes. This is what happened:

*This* close to the front, and the ride broke. We waited about 30 minutes until Grant and a Cast Member rescued us from the line.
Doesn't it look so cool!

We decided to wait out the ride repair by eating some dinner. We all kind of wanted different things, so while the others had noodles and what-not, we had lobster nachos and tri-tip sliders at the Cove Bar... oh yeh, next to Kirsten Dunst (no picture... I'm always too embarrassed, but she was right behind Todd).

Thankfully the ride was up and running again by the time we were done, not-so-thankfully even the fast-pass line was super long... 45 minutes!
It was frustrating to wait so long, but it was worth it - what a FUN ride. Liam rode on it and loved the first part, but the racing part scared him - he didn't cry though, just looked kind of pale. :)
Grant and Jen went to do the second part of baby swap while Liam got his picture taken with Mater. Todd told me that after Liam's turn was up he waved and said "Bye Mater" as he started to walk away, but then stopped, ran back, and grabbed Mater's tooth before turning around and running off! I laughed so hard! I can totally imagine the intense look on his face while he clutched that big buck tooth!
Lina was exhausted and losing it, so we headed back just a wee bit early (meaning before midnight) for bed, we needed rest for our last day and for the 16 park hours ahead!

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