Visit to the Dentist

I finally got brave enough to make Liam his first dentist appointment on Monday. (Funny how I'm the one that had to be brave, not him.) I tried to talk up Dr. Mike and getting your teeth cleaned for a couple of days beforehand, but Liam was still saying, "I want to stay at Weeum's house alllll day." and, "The dentist isn't nice, he's mean." But he wasn't too firm on these points and we got there without any tantrums. He was pretty nervous about things like the moving chair, the bib, the brush, and especially the spit sucker - he really didn't like that. But the hygenist was really good with him, she must specialize in little kids, because she did great - and after a bit I realized I should just sit down and let her handle things instead of hovering. 
Liam would kind of keep trying to say he was all done and get down, but he would always obey and get back in the chair or open up his mouth again. In the end, he got his teeth all checked and cleaned, brushed and flossed, even fluoride - but we chose to skip the x-rays. He got a clean bill of teeth-health! 
The funniest thing was he kept asking where Mike was, and even when the dentist finally showed up at the end, he took a look at him and then asked again where Mike was. It wasn't until we were in the car headed home that he said, "Where was Mike and Sully?" - and I realized he had been looking for Mike from Monster's Inc.! Ha! 
Counting teeth, 10 on bottom, 10 on top.
Learning not to be afraid of the spit-sucker.

He picked bubble-gum toothpaste (ew).

Posing withe fluoride - it actually helped to distract him for me to take pictures and then show him.

Look at those pearly whites.

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