Cleaning out the photos on my phone and came across some cute ones never shared... plus a few from this last week.
Lina eating puffs:
Downing the last of a pineapple yogurt at Big Chill - YogurtCourt's sister store; we do love our yogurt:
Kids taking a bath together (which Liam LOVES):
 What does this face mean?
Finally got a couple of "new" license plates up on Liam's wall:
Taking a family swim:
Skipping a nap to swim = sleeping on the couch (something that's never happened before):
Enjoying some nice weather (before it went away), my little big girl:
Liam has asked me about 259,409 times to go to/are we going to Cawifornia - so I made this to show how many days left... it hasn't worked:
 Haircut first, then doughnut bribe:
 She found the stairs :-O !!!!:
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