Pin of the Week: Painted Spoons

Ok, so this may not be the pin of the week since I painted these a couple of months ago, but I only just now remembered to get them from my mother-in-law's house and start using them in my kitchen. I saw this (first non-food) pin quite a while ago and knew it was something I could do, and I am not crafty. Not really.
This was easy and super-fast (which is becoming more essential in any activity, now that Carolina is into EVERYTHING).
I found two types of spoons, very inexpensive ones, at TJ Maxx. Some cheaper spoons and spatulas at World Market (and also, Linda got me some from IKEA). I used blue painters tape to tape off the line, which was random on each spoon. Then painted - with Martha Stewart craft paint. I probably did 3, maybe 4 coats. Linda wanted to verathane (no idea how that is spelled) them, but I didn't really care and just wanted them to come home with me. 
The ones in the white container are a darker, finished wood (which I should have sanded before I painted) - they are a little nicer and I did a set in orange and a set in light blue. I like that I can switch out the colors when I feel like it.
The set in the mason jar are a cheaper, unfinished light wood - I painted these all different, so it's kind of a rainbow effect. I probably won't use these as much I'm guessing, but I just like how they look next to my sink. It was fun, and they'd be great gifts too!

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