Pin of the Week: Homemade Hummus

Hooray! I made hummus! I love hummus - on chips, on sandwiches, on pita, on veggies - yum! Ever since we had some freshly made hummus in Maui (at the Plantation House) a few years ago, I've wanted to make some but we never could find tahini - a sesame paste - which is an ingredient in hummus. I came across this recipe on Pinterest that looked so simple, and renewed my search for it. I finally found it at Fred Meyer, of course. This recipe is so easy (although that's kind of a prerequisite)! Just throw the ingredients into the food processor, blend, and done. It makes quite a bit, too. It's expensive to start up - the jar of tahini was $7, I think. But a large container of hummus at Costco is between $5-7, so in the long run this is much less expensive.
We made pita sandwiches the other night and filled them with the hummus, lettuce, cucumber, feta, and pepper and tomato for Todd. A nice, light, summer meal. 
I actually made a couple of new things from Pinterest this week (and more caramels and granola bars), but this was the easiest and most delicious!
Here's the link :)
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