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Here are a few random tidbits - some phone pics, a few Instagrams, and one video of our life lately:

Linda convinced me to try making some cherry jam with our fresh-picked cherries. It was my first time and she did most of the work... I'm not sure I'd try it on my own.
 Lina's been falling a lot lately, here's the goose-egg she got today from hitting a rung on the stool on her way down.
This was before she bonked her head, she was already in a cranky mood, being fitty - but knowing she's supposed to smile for the camera.
 We kept her up past her bedtime to finish jam, and she was sooo tired, just cuddled right up with Papa.
 This is a Peanut Butter Chewy from the Flying M coffee shop, it's basically like a rice krispie treat but WAY better. I think I may try to recreate these.
 Here's a happy girl in the morning. Thankfully she's back to sleeping in till closer to 8, then she'll lay in bed and babble for quite a while before she starts to fuss - or fall back asleep. (Meanwhile Liam is waking up earlier and earlier - we just let him come in bed and play games on our phone so we can go back to sleep.)
 This is pretty typical on a day when we've gone swimming through naptime, but the glasses are a nice little "party hard" touch.
 Some hydrangea blooming in my front yard - so lovely.
 Carolina had her first YogurtCourt, and she loved it!
 She is also quite fond of nectarines, but she will bite off a big piece if I let her hang on too long.
 Liam sure loves having his friends over - here is Luke with Liam, they are fishing.
And here is Owen. Basically his two best buds.

 LuLu got a new swimsuit from her Aunt Tessa, it's presh.
 This is not a flattering picture but it shows you a) that I have two big kids that can sit up in the cart, and b) that Lina has the best scowly face ever.
 Here is how Liam cleans up his playroom. 

Also, I had a picture of my stitches but decided against posting it - they're cool in that really gross way, but some people might not appreciate them. The dermatologist removed a lump from under the skin on my leg, he said it looked like a lipoma (fatty cyst) and he wasn't concerned, but it took 5 stitches to sew up and now I have to swim with a patch on my leg for the next two weeks. And we are definitely looking forward to lots of swimming coming up since temps are finally in the 90's!
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