Nampa Nights

Before last Thursday morning I had never heard of Downtown Nampa Nights, but I saw something on Facebook about them having their kick-off that evening and mentioned it to Todd. Even though he had mowing to do, and I had dinner in the crock-pot, and the weather was pretty crummy and sprinkling a bit, we went, just like that, right then, spur of the moment. All-in-all it was a fun little event. There's a large area, probably a parking lot, in the very back of Downtown Nampa, up against the train tracks where Lloyd Lumber has... well it looks like a covered stage, and that's what it served as. There was live music, a very cool car show, two food trucks, and lots of people who had - of course - thought to bring camp chairs since the tables/chairs that were set up were quickly filled. Liam loved the music and the space and did lots of running around while Todd and I ordered dinner (anyway) from the B29 Streatery food truck and just sat on the pavement to eat it. We had to hold Lina, even though we had a blanket for her to sit on, because she was not about to stay put. 
Todd had a BLT with their amazing bacon, I had a pulled-pork slider, then we shared the garlic fries with Swiss fondue, and creme brulee with rhubarb compote and strawberries. The highlights were definitely the fries and dessert - I would go back for those - yum!
We were glad we had been spontaneous! It felt very urban and yet small-town, I think we will go back again.

(Bloggin' Around has been delayed while my travel series is on hold till next week - I may be trying something different with an article about California Adventure.)

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