Meal Planning, again

Just to share, here is my meal planning list for the next couple of weeks,  some meals didn't get made from the last list, so they just fell over on this one*, and some meals you'll see again but that's because we have a lot of the ingredient to make it, or we just really like it :). However, this list was shorter since it seems like we eat less in the summer:

marinated flank steak*
spicy meatballs with potatoes 
chicken tortilla soup*
hawaiian BBQ sandwiches
lemon garlic spaghetti
bowtie pasta with bacon, avocado, and lemon
pita sandwiches
frozen pizza*
vegetarian spring rolls 
Korma curry and naan

The shopping trip for this was quick, I had a lot of things already it seems, and mostly just needed the fresh stuff.

Also, I figured out how to add my grocery shopping list!

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