Cherry Pickin'

Well we missed the Cherry Festival again, but at least we didn't miss cherry picking season!
My parents, Todd's parents, and the kids and I packed up Saturday morning and headed out to Emmett, Idaho. I went with the intent to get four or five pounds... and here is what we ended up with:
50 pounds of cherries! (Only 13 were mine though)
He loved picking them.
Lina was my little tag-a-long.

You cannot imagine how many cherries there
were, we didn't do a single tree justice.

She wanted some too, even got one in her mouth.
Grandma helped him climb the ladder
to pick up high.
This was what happened when it was time to go.

But this was what happened after we left.

The Roe Ann Drive-In is a must-do when were in, or
driving through, Emmett. Todd grew up on it.
Waiting for our wimpy burgers, corn dogs,
and tater sticks.

Papa had a job to do though.

Peanut butter malt, mmm.
Perfect way to end our adventure.

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