About in Sun Valley

Sun Valley, Idaho on a gorgeous day.
He refused lunch, so you may see there
 some crackers and tomatoes, and that he was
playing on my phone - ay yi yi.

We had the opportunity to spend the night in Sun Valley for free last Wednesday, so we took it! It was a  pretty big, fancy house that slept 14, and had a big hot tub on the deck, plus backed up to the golf course (which was part of the Sun Valley Resort)- but Liam called it "the wittle house" and he looooved it. 

Oh, but he looks so innocent here.
We drove up Wednesday morning without too much trouble, about a 3 hour drive, and got there in time for lunch. We walked around the resort a bit before deciding on the Club House, which reminded us very much of the Plantation House on Maui; fancy place, great views, and overlooking the golf course.

The temperature was perfect, about 70 degrees and sunny. After lunch we headed over to Ketchum and walked around downtown, looking in shops and picking up little treats along the way. This was a bit challenging because it was naptime, but since we were leaving the next morning we didn't want to waste half the day sitting at the house. 

They are being bears, Todd's idea.
Plus - every little trip we take is good practice for Disneyland! We wanted Lina to take a nap in her stroller, but she wouldn't, she was still pretty happy though. Liam got to be a handful, and we were wishing for a stroller just to corral him in - but he did really well in terms of having had no nap and walking around the whole day.

We picked up some macarons and fancy little cookies at Cristina's and then ordered a pizza from Wise Guy Pizza Pie, but that was after stopping at the Market for hot dogs for Liam's dinner - I really didn't want to fight over food on vacation.
Liam was starting to lose it here.

Lina's new face, sucking in her top lip.
Can you spot Liam in our backyard?

Back at the "wittle house" we played around outside for a bit. There was an actual little pond with a little bridge, that was maybe Liam's favorite part. We spotted a bunny, a deer, and some type of small weasel running around in the yard. 

I was nervous about bedtime, but Lina slept great in the pack-n-play, in the bathroom again, not even a peep out of her. But she had to be really tired, with no nap and all. I was more nervous about Liam, since he's been having trouble sleeping and being afraid of things in his own room, I thought he might really struggle all alone in an unfamiliar room. After he got Todd to unplug the DVD player (the lights were scary), he was fine and slept through the night. Todd and I enjoyed the hot tub for a couple of hours and watched the sun go down behind the mountains, it was so relaxing.

Ice skating rink for the rich and famous.
Back of the Sun Valley Lodge.
The next morning we ate breakfast at The Kneadery (where we saw Tom Hanks before) and then walked around the Lodge and resort a bit more, enjoying a gorgeous morning, and got some coffee before heading home. The drive home without Todd was. not. fun. Long story short - road work, lots of crying & fussing, an extra hour in the car, headache. It was worth it though - we all really enjoyed it, although Liam kept asking "When are we getting to the mountains?" He seemed to think we would be on the very peak of one or something. And he still talks about the big "wittle house in Sun Vawwey."

 A few shots turned Instagram:
Little boy heaven. Running around and throwing pine cones in the water.
Lunch at the Club. Everything has a sun on it, and I love it.
Couldn't help myself.
Coolest Starbucks ever.
Best family picture of 2012? I think we definitely have a contender!  

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