8 Months: A mover!

Will someone please remind my infant that she's an infant!
Carolina turns 8 months old today, and since I've been super slow on getting this bit of news up I figured it works out to share it today! Last time I think I just mentioned in passing that she'd be doing some real crawling 'anyday', but - oh yeh - she's crawling. And not just crawling - climbing, pulling herself up, and trying to stand up/walk. The girl is minutes into being 8 months old for-pete's-sake! Liam was 11 months before he even thought about crawling and then it was another month before he could actually do it. This girl is motivated. Her little legs are red all the time. I'll have to dress her in leggings even in the summer to protect her knees! When we went swimming the other day I plopped her on a towel on the patio while we got in the pool, she played there happily for a while until she noticed some ants walking by, and then she was off that towel onto the pavement squishing those ants. She also climbed up the two stairs out of Linda's living room to get at Liam's book that he was trying to get out of her reach. Then I found her standing up in her crib after her nap. And yesterday she fell and bonked her head on the hard kitchen floor because she'd pulled herself up on the stool and thought she could let go. Ay. yi. yi.

A few pictures:

She's pretty strong!
Proof it won't be long before she's standing and walking - she wants to!

A few videos:

Other ways she's growing are that she's out of her swaddle and into the sleepsack (basically a sleeping bag with armholes)... she didn't fight that transition at all - I was impressed! She also says "mamamama" when she's getting fussy - and wants me, I assume :) She's eating all kinds of 2nd foods and loving most of them (not so much green beans). I can give her cereal puffs as well as the rice crackers - but she chokes and gags on everything else, actually she has on the rice crackers lately too. I'm pretty anxious for her to start 3rd foods - or table foods, where I just grind up what we're eating for her... I hate paying for jars of baby food, and I want her to be a good eater! But anything with lumps in it just isn't ok yet. Mostly she's still super happy, but lately she's had a couple of very fussy days and we're not sure why - maybe she's been hungrier, or more tired, but I still say it's not teeth, yet. Interestingly, Liam was definitely chunkier than Lina, had cut his 2 bottom teeth by this time, and he was weaned (mostly because I was back in school, though). 
What a fun little girl - I love her so much! I better get going though since she's trying to get into Ripley's kennel right now...
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