This is my 400th post - hooray! That's a post about every 3 days since I started this little project all because of these kiddos. Someday I'll have it all bound in a book and it will cost me a fortune.
Anywho, we've been busy with VBS this week. Linda and I are in charge of snack for 200 kids, and although Liam isn't supposed to be in VBS yet (because he's 3 1/2),  we have special permission (doesn't hurt to be cousins with the director) so he gets to do it so long as he behaves. If he just couldn't handle it we would put him in the nursery or with one of the Poppas/Papas. The first day was a little sketchy, but he's done better each day since, or so I hear. Nana is a helper in his class and I'm sure that's in large part why he's still able to participate, 'cause whenever I peek in he's the kid running when the other kids are stopping and vice versa, or rolling on the floor, or just being a little spaz. It's cute, but oh man, this has been a pretty big clue that we are in. for. it.
Lina has stayed with Poppa two mornings, with daddy today, and then she came with me once - that wasn't a success. She's been a little grouch this week, not sure why - could be teeth, sleepy, hungry, or who knows - but it's so unlike her I hope we can solve it soon.
Although our mornings are completely gone and I feel a little scattered, I'm still trying to check some things off my list - unsuccessfully though. Can't get the marks off the baseboards - going to have to paint them. Can't get the ring out of the toilets - still trying to solve that one. Next task, tackle the mountain of ironing. Not fun, but must be done.

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