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Today was the last day of school (although teachers have to go back for one more day). And I'm sad that I'm not too sad to be saying goodbye to this class. Of course, there will be certain kids that I will miss horribly (Emily, Clare) - that were really fabulous perfect children (Gentry, & Dayanara who cried and hugged me for 3 straight minutes) - that were so sweet and great (Brian, Amaya), but there were just one too many other kids making poor behavior choices, and it kind of ruined the rest of it for me. This class started out amazing, I was even bummed when it came time to go on maternity leave, but my sub pretty much botched things beyond my repair. When I came back their behavior was atrocious, they were used to lots and lots of free time, and she even taught them how to multiply wrong and that "non-fiction" meant "not true". Yeh, "not great."
I remember that I felt this way about saying goodbye to last year's 4th grade class. So maybe part of it was the year, but maybe it's the grade, maybe it's just not for me. So I guess it's a good thing that I'm moving back to the second grade, although I didn't have a choice in the matter. A teacher needed to leave 2nd and she wanted to try 4th, and since I did well in 2nd and got totally stressed out in 4th - we got switched (that last part wasn't verbalized by my principal, I'm just reading between the lines a bit). I did really love 2nd, and the kids, and the curriculum - so that part will be nice to come back to. But, I will SO miss the team of ladies that I work with now. I cried saying goodbye to them today. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry again. Not to mention the stress and exhaustion of moving classrooms is totally wearing me down... I'm not sure when I've been less excited about summer starting, because for the moment it just means more stress, and work, and change, and have I mentioned stress?
I'd take your prayers right about now, in the stress area.
Once next Wednesday gets here, I will either have to decide to stay and finish my room so I can go about my summer in peace, or just put it out of my head until August. Summer is going to be great, I just need to do some mental and attitudal (word?) adjusting before I can enjoy, in other words, ASAP.
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