Pin of the Week: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

I'm noticing a trend with my favorite pins from Pinterest... a lot of them tend to be copycats. This time it's the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes from Cheesecake Factory - one of our family's favorites! I'm pretty sure this dinner IS Liam's favorite dinner - period. At last count he was on number 7, meanwhile I stopped at 5 (I could've stopped after 4 but I thought I should try to keep up with him.)
I love breakfast for dinner, and I usually make bacon with these pancakes but not tonight since Todd is working late and it's just me with the two kids and this is what Lina is trying to do...
Anyway these pancakes are really simple, just mix up the ingredients and cook - I usually coat the griddle in oil, but then you don't need to butter the cakes - or need syrup on them even. I just put a squeeze of lemon, strawberries and mayyyybe some powdered sugar (although if I'd had some whipped cream you can bet that would've made the cut as well).

 Little Miss Under-Foot!
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