Lina Likes

Here are the things Carolina (and I) like and use (all the time), at 7 months:

1. Born Free Bottles - the nipple is more comfortable and doesn't collapse, plus I don't need to burp her anymore.
2. Organic baby food - I like this brand because it mixes veggies with fruits, but Gerber is good as well.

3. JJ Cole bibs - they cover a lot of surface area, catch a lot of crumbs, are waterproof, and easy to wipe off and use again.

4. Old Navy sun hat - white eyelet, perfect with any outfit (but the straps have a tough time latching under her chins).

5. Robeez - we were given a pair of white ones similar to these and I love them, they are the only shoe that stays on, plus they match anything!
6. Carters/Circo (Target) clothes & jammies - I pretty much love all things Carters, but Target's Circo brand often has cute and more inexpensive options, although the quality is not as great. (I love Old Navy and babyGap too, but so much more expensive!)

7. Vulli Sophie the giraffe teething toy - perfect size, nice and soft, squeaky, cute.
8. Taggie blanket - this is the one I made for Lina, it may be the easiest tag-along toy ever.
9. Jellycat Bunny - Olivia got one of these and I thought it was so darn cute I picked one up for Lina in dark brown. I looked at bears and other animals first, but I just loved the long super-soft ears.

10. Summer Infant Swaddle - this is what we use now and it has worked great, but Carolina is getting too big and she pops half-way out before the night is over.

11. Sleep Sack - I have bought one of these for next week when our goal to transition out of the swaddle. I want her to be warm, but safe (without blankets).
12. Hair bows - these are Carters, I love the trendy neon colors! I also like the soft elastic headbands that my sister-in-law has made.
13. Pampers Swaddlers diapers / Kirkland (Costco) wipes.
14. Baby Mum Mums - these are her favorite, I give her one after dinner every night and when I pull it out she gives me a huge grin.
15. Nursing Cover (Hooter Hider by bebe au lait) - since I don't use a diaper bag (see #16) this stays in the car since I only need it when I'm out shopping or at friends.
16. JJ Cole Diaper Pod - I use this for diapers/wipes and throw it in my (rather large) purse whenever I leave the house. Lina really doesn't need that much stuff... although I will say I keep a change of clothes, extra, diapers, the hooter hider, and a few other items in an emergency bag in the car.

17. Mam pacifiers (& Bella Tunno clip) - these are the types of pacis that Liam ended up liking so we bought them for Lina and, when she does want a paci, she likes them too. I also had bought this clip for Liam, but it doesn't come with a ring for the Mam's - so it went unused. I realized I could use an old ring from a Mam clip (which are big and ugly and don't stay) and strung this clip through it - this one stays put and it's cute and simple.
18. Ikea highchair - we bought this for Liam and it is still the best! I love how small it is mostly.

19. California Baby & Aveeno sun screens - California Baby is natural and organic, apparently almost everything for skin has "parabens" in it, which aren't good for babies. The Aveeno I think does have it, but I like the stick form of this for her face, and I use the lotion for the rest of her. 

20. Similac Advance formula - This is the formula we've used since birth, when we needed to supplement. I still supplement with this formula every evening after I nurse her. It's pretty spendy, we may have to switch to Costco brand soon... but Similac is the hospital recommended one, and it doesn't upset her stomach, so I do prefer it.


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