Hello, Vacation!

I worked my last official day yesterday, and today is my first official day of summer break! The weather is nice and we are taking advantage of it! It's actually supposed to cool off quite a bit and get crummy in a few days, so I'm saving one of those days for a day to go back in to school... although I'm done, I'm not done. There is just SO much work when you move classrooms, and I'm not really one to do things half-way. If I'm going to pull everything out of one room and put it into another room, I'm going to do it right. Everything must be organized in it's own labeled baggie, placed in it's own labeled bin, put away in it's own labeled cupboard. So you see, 1 1/2 days wasn't every really going to cut it. Although I've decided to get the room put together now, rather than putting it off till August, I'm still going to take days off in between where I don't think about school. at. all. 
Today I need to gather my free-time wits about me and figure out what I want to do with my life! My main goals for this week, as of now, are: iron (and it's a giant pile, mind you), clean the bathrooms, meal plan/grocery shop. Slightly more ambitious goals are: paint the bathroom, catch up on printing pictures (2 years!!!), update picture wall.
But before I start feeling like I'm at work again - let me remind myself that I am on break! I can relax. I can read books to my kids. I can read a book to myself. I can catch up on Days of our Lives. I can take a nap when the house is quite. Amen.

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